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Your success is our endeavor

We ensure that your investment brings back the expected returns to your company and organization As an investment in the M&E IT software is certainly an investment which has a significant impact on the future of the organization. Even after the implementation we ensure that such kind of investment generates the expected returns...

Years of experience in Maintenance & Engineering

Our staff has worked several years in the M&E division of airlines and MRO companies, paired with experience in project managements of M&E IT software implementation. With our experience and market knowledge we are ready to make a significant contribution to your business success.

Business process re-design at various airlines and MRO companies

We changed business process and organizational structure at various airlines and MRO companies to be lean and more efficient. This translates in the M&E business in true cash value and a better competitive position in the market.

Change Management certified and experience in large scale change initiatives

Implementation projects or process changes require experience in change management to ensure that the changes will be successful and bring the expected results. We put our experience in change management to ensure that required changes will happen and bring the expected results.

Project Management Experience in Implementation projects in Maintenance & Engineering

Implementation projects require experience and knowledge in aviation in order to complete a project on-time and within budget. We also support post-implementation projects to ensure that the set goals are achieved and the organization is set for future success.