Our Portfolio
MRO Business Process Optimization Our experts have multiple years hands-on experience in the M&E and MRO business of all relevant departments. Our experts know essential processes to stay in compliance with the local and international regulations. It gives you the competitive edge, as our experts will use their knowledge and expertise to tailor and optimize your business process to ensure that you are successful in your market segment. read more
Implementation of LEAN Management Implementation of Lean structures for overall increase in profit and/or cost reduction by using the available resources more efficiently. Your workforce and assets are the foundation four your success. We make sure that these resources are well tuned to generate the desired results.... read more
Continuous Improvement / KPI Definition With our guidance we establish through the LEAN philosophy a mentality of continuous improvement within your organization. Our target is to guide you through the process and teach an coach your continuous improvement team to lead continuous improvement initiatives and define appropriate KPI of each department... read more
Change Management Change Management in the M&E or MRO organization is vital, as it deals with your workforce and the way of doing business. Whenever you optimize process or implement a new MRO IT software, changes to the organization or workplace need to be handled in such way to encourage your workforce to embrace the upcoming change. This requires experience and expertise in the M&E and MRO fields. Our experts are all Certified Change Management Practitioner which have successfully guided senior and middle management thought the process of changes during process re-engineering. Let them help you to make your business process change successful... read more
M&E IT Implementation PMO support On the M&E IT implementation we support you in the holistic review of the current business process, the set benefits for the new M&E IT software and requirements on the M&E IT software. We give strategic guidance on the scope of the implementation, the required project team and the estimated budget with the planned timeline. Our experience of several successful implementation projects even as PMO where we completed the project on-time, as budgeted and delivered the set benefits, will certainly help you to make your implementation project successful... read more
Process Changes & Guidance Guidance for sustainable process changes and M&E IT Implementations. Our philosophy is to guide and coach you for required process changes to achieve a successful and sustainable M&E IT implementations. .. read more